Health care within the Xingu is supervised by the Special Secretariat of Indigenous Health (SESAI). There are four main health posts within the Territory (in Leonardo, Diauarum, Pavuru, Wawi). In addition, some villages have at their disposal local dispensaries who can provide primary care. Four “Indian Houses” (CASAIs) are operated in the broader region of Xingu to welcome patients that are referred from the Xingu Territory to the city for treatment (Canarana, Gaúcha do Norte, Querencia and Sinop).


Unfortunately, appropriate health care coverage in the Xingu Territory is still hampered by the absence of a proper electricity grid and by a lack of beds, medical equipment, but also by scarce medicine supply, forcing indigenous people to travel to the city for basic health care.

In January 2021, thanks to private donations, TechniSat, DpdGroup and the French Ambassy in Brasilia, AFV was able to send 3,000 masks to the indigenous communities in order to respond to the COVID-19   crisis in the Xingu region.

AFV’s Health program aims at improving and reinforcing the coverage and quality of existing health programs within the Xingu Territory through partnerships with SESAI and other existing health programs.

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